Precession of Simulacra In Ayuthiya


The screenshot

In the context of the post-mass media,people's general ‘perception’ and ‘engagement’ of virtual increased.Taking the person as the object in the virtual world to be simulated again as the starting point, the computer modeling is used to produce the fictional space, and the image texture from the virtual network is continuously collected and attached to the virtual model by taking the simulation of two lenses as the center.For painting, The artist pay more attention to multi-dimensional transformation, spatial dislocation and imitation of virtual texture. After that, she tried to simulate the copy of painting through digital photography and modeling, and replaced the original object by placing it in the game scene from the first-person perspective as a display place for painting. “Virtual image turns the decision and determined relationship between original and copy formed in the era of mechanical reproduction into a two-way interactive relationship"(Bingchang,2014,p.16)*. It means that when the ‘existence’ and ‘appearance’ was abolished, the difference of the ‘hyperreal’ painting can continue as a new form of art, and continue to question the authenticity of painting and its imitation boundary, and continue to explore the differences between art and non-art under the perspective of virtual scene.


*Bingchang.Q.(2014)‘Swimming between the virtual and the real: A Study of the authenticity of digital Animation Art’.